Better brain health

The brain weighs only two to four pounds of your total body weight, but uses up to 50% of the nutrients your body consumes.

Give your brain the nutrition it needs with EMPowerplus™ Q96, a blend of 36 vitamins, minerals and amino acids clinically proven to improve mood and mental clarity.


The power of micronutrients

EMPowerplus™ Q96 provides a balanced supply of micronutrients, the tiny vitamins and minerals that make a major difference in our overall wellness and how we think and feel.

A lack of key micronutrients saps our energy, can cause stress, irritability and mood issues, and may even lead to significant health problems. Yet nearly 75% of Americans aren't getting enough of the recommended amount for many micronutrients, even with a healthy lifestyle and diet.

Supplementing with EMPowerplus™ Q96 ensures your brain has the micronutrients it needs to deal with the stress of daily life and experience greater calm, clarity and coping.


A proven formula

The most researched micronutrient formula in the world, EMPowerplus™ Q96 is backed by more than 26 studies published in scientific journals and research conducted at major universities, including Harvard. Delivering a well-balanced blend of 36 vitamins, minerals and amino acids, recent research has found EMPowerplus™ Q96 effective at improving brain health, concentration, mood, and mental wellness in both children and adults.<br><br>

Try EMPowerplus™ Q96 and see how good you can feel!

After I started taking EMPowerplus™ Q96, my 10-year-old son said, 'Mom, why are you so happy all the time? You're just always in a good mood now.' I feel different, and I feel happy!–Celeste P.